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Agreement for Independent Contractor
Agreement made on this Date: ___/____/____ with Jerry Edwards and independent contractor
Name: ___________________ Address: ____________________ whose signature appears on
SSN # : ___________________ (Hereafter "Contractor") and MrDirtBuster a cleaning base company
with a office at 201 South Water Street Burnet Texas 78639 (Hereafter "Company").
Employment Terms and Conditions
1: MrDirtBuster hereby contracts with Contractor,as a independent contractor at will for assignments with customer of MrDirtBuster. Contractor understands that MrDirtBuster's business ethics must be above reproach, and agrees to behave in a manner reflective of MrDirtBuster's high standards.
2: Contractor may terminate this contract only upon good cause shown ("cause" begin defined as a breach of this agreement by MrDirtBuster) or upon thirty (30) days notice.
3: Contractor compensation shall be depending on the UNITS washed - detailed - and work provided   as indicated on an appropriated approved timesheet.  
4:  MrDirtBuster WILL NOT withhold taxes (Federal, Social Security, State, or other) for contractor.  
5:  Contractor will be responsible for all labor and expenses incidental to the performance of service. 
6:  The undersigned's resonsibilities will commence on Date: ___/___/___
7:  Contractor will supply a Company approved unit sheet on Friday's
8:  PAYMENT : Contractor will be issued check or cash for actual finished units of MrDirtBuster's customer's. In the event a customer of MrDirtBuster to whom the Contractor is assigned refuses to pay due to unsatisfactory work MrDirtBuster shall not be obliged to pay for such service. 
Covenants : The above recitals are true and correct. Sign : _________________________
Representation : Contractor acknowledges that information provided by him/her (including,but     not limited to,resume. interview, references, drug testing) in consideration for providing services to or on behalf of the TPU is true to the best of Contractor's knowledge,that he/she is not restricted by any empoyment or other agreement and understands that any misstatments or lack of candor by Contractor of his/her qualifications or availability may be grounds for immediate termination by the TPU of any assignment.  
Non-Employment : The undersigned affirms that the undersigned is not a employee of MrDirtBuster for any purpose and that the undersigned is not entitled to exercise any rights, or seek any benfits, accruing to the regular employees of company by virtue of the sevices rendered by the undersignedto Company or otherwise.
No Infringement : Contractor warrants that he/she is qualified and capable to perform this assigment, that acceptance will not constitute a breach of any agreement to which the Contractor is a party.
By MrDirtBuster. Sign: _______________________ By Contractor. Sign:___________________
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